Successfully Selling Real Estate in Georgia

When Selling your real estate in Georgia it is important that you have a team looking out for you and your property. At Millard Bowen Realty Group we market to thousands of potential home buyers to get your home sold in the least amount of time. But that is not all, our customer service driven, experienced, knowledgeable and professional real estate consultants will ensure your home sale is stress-free.

Get Started with a Free Home Valuation

Price your home properly is the first and most important part of the selling process. When your listing hits the market for the first time your home gets prime attention from buyers and buyer’s agents. If your home is overpriced for the market, you will lose many qualified buyers to other more competing priced properties. Your property will receive the most attention during the first couple of weeks so you want to use that time to your advantage.

Your Millard Bowen Realty Group real estate consultant will provide you with a complimentary CMA (comparative market analysis) to assist you in establishing a competitive pricing strategy your your home. Your CMA will include currently listed and recently sold properties matching similar criteria to your property.

Listing your Property

Now that we have determined the pricing strategy for your home, we will continue with the listing agreements. Your listing agreement will include the advertising vehicles we will use to promote your home, the details for showings your home, the commission rate, and other vital details on marketing your home to potential buyers.

Showing your Property

Paying attention to special details can make all the difference when selling your home. Your Millard Bowen Realty Group real estate consultant will walk you through any “red flags” that might hinder the success of quickly selling your home.

Once your home is in showcase form your consultant will photograph your property for web, print, and a virtual tour.

For security purposes and ease of access, all Millard Bowen Realty Group listings are secured with digital lockboxes that monitor all activity for your listing.

Marketing & Advertising your Property

At Millard Bowen Realty Group we believe in working hard and efficiently to market your property. For starters, your listing will be broadcasted to all of the top online websites, including: Trulia, Zillow, Google Maps, Frontdoor, Home Finder and Hot Pads, and many more.

In addition to online syndication, our listings are marketed to co-operating brokers and agents throughout the Metro Atlanta area through email campaigns and personal office visits.

All marketing campaigns for properties listed with Millard Bowen Realty Group will receive professional photography, flyers, postcards, and online virtual tours.

The Offer

The offer you will receive on your property is just the starting point of the real estate negotiation. If ever it was important to have experienced and knowledgeable representation during the selling process, this would be it. During this step your Millard Bowen Realty Group real estate consultant will discuss purchase price, down payment, contingencies, financing, escrows, title insurance issues, inspections, and other negotiations the buyer will present.

The Contract

Once you receive an offer the contact begins to take form. If the offer is presented and you accept the terms of the contract, you (as the seller) signs the seller acceptance portion of the offer. If you make changes in the terms of the offer, a “counter offer” is prepared by your Millard Bowen Realty Group real estate consultant. Depending on the offer and counter offer, there may be several counter offers between the parties as they negotiate the details of the offer. Once both parties have accepted and signed an acceptable counter offer, an enforceable contract is formed.


Once the offer is accepted there may be contingencies that must be met before the closing. In this case you (the seller) may be required to perform repairs or other improvements before the binding agreement is fully executed.

The Closing

The escrow company prepares the deed for signature by the seller in favor of the buyer and requires the buyer to deposit the balance of the cash consideration. At the “closing”, the escrow records the deed in favor of the buyer and tenders the net proceeds of sale to the seller after paying real estate commissions and seller’s closing costs, typically including the cost of the buyer’s policy of title insurance; one-half the escrow fees; and document preparation and recording fees. The buyer’s “closing costs” which are deposited in escrow along with the cash consideration required to complete the purchase, include one-half of the escrow fees; the cost of the lender’s policy of title insurance; document preparation and recording fees; and prorations for secured property taxes and homeowner’s insurance. Following the closing, the buyer becomes the owner of the property and takes possession.

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